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Cybercriminals and the need for ML/AI technologies in cybersecurity

The number of cybercrime is increasing, and as the arsenal of attacks grows, cyber attack methodologies are improving. According to the official report, cybercriminals will cause a loss to the world economy in 2025 of US $ 10.5 trillion, which indicates more proactive measures to protect digital information.

Using remote technologies, organizations after the” Covid-19″ pandemic easily adapted to different forms of communication, which to some extent played the role of an additional accelerator on the growing dynamics of cybercrime since the change in the working environment and the provision of other services in a remote form led to the expansion of transit channels of the organization’s IT infrastructure, as

The geographical expansion of nomenclatures and the change in business planning principles forced organizations to adapt to new information processes and data processing approaches, laying the foundation for creating modern structural management models and specializations worldwide.

IT units, saturated with the tasks of organizational and regulatory organizations, seek to solve the set goals in intelligent technologies and automation of service interactions, which will provide essential functions and responsibilities of systems and process management with advanced technologies of various implementations of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI).

As a result of the multiple changes in the work environment, operations with a 24/7 model for monitoring and managing various information cascades and vulnerabilities have become a new puzzle for organizations, as a result of which organizational units of the security operations centre (SOC), as well as managed security service operators worldwide (MSSP), have been formed and developed

The fight against cybercrime has always been fraught with difficulties, but it is difficult to say that this new stage of the battle will be successfully handled by humanity in the same way as everyone else. The fact is that more efforts are needed to protect our organization and personal information than ever before.

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