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Giorgi’s professional journey began at an IT store as a Sales Specialist, before being recruited by Lab Service, filling in the Managing Director position.After over 3 years, he moved on to representing Hewlett Packard in Georgia, as a Sales Manager. With a deep understanding of the local market, and an ability to build partner relationships, Giorgi was appointed in charge of the company’s entire business development. He was able to successfully lead his team in achieving their targets.

Giorgi’s expertise and contacts within the industry, led him to take on a new role at Greenet, as the Head of Infrastructure. Working with a talented and dedicated team of professionals, was the highlight of his time at the company.

Giorgi considers joining Neutrino to be the most successful moment of his career. At Neutrino, he is able to leverage his business development expertise to help the company grow and achieve success.

Giorgi sopromadze
Giorgi Sopromadze
Ivan Sheklashvili
Managing Director

Summoned by the duo was Ivan Sheklashvili, the creator of opportunities and an avid deal closer.

Ivan kicked off his career in the early 2000’s as an IT Engineer, rapidly progressing to leading IT Departments for various companies, before switching concentration to Vendor and Customer Management.

Next step in his career was commencing product-oriented ventures, Ivan’s skills were diversified with vendor relations, account management and after-sales magic.
After racking up experience in Vendor and Customer Management, Ivan commenced his 7 year journey at Hewlett Packard as the Technical Support Sales Manager, progressed to Account Management and advanced to Product Development and Management.

Since 2018, Ivan is empowering Micro Focus as the Business Development Manager in Georgia. He leads pre-sales, support and engineer teams. With a clear quarterly objective set, Ivan assures company’s technological business development across the region.

With accumulated experience at international corporations and countless certificates, including ISO/IEC 17020:2012, ISACA and many more, Ivan gained the industry admiration, resulting in being entrusted with steering the ship as the managing director of Neutrino.